The Prom

Junior - Senior Prom  Information

April 23rd, 2022

Fort Pickett Officers Club 3951 Military Rd. Blackstone, Va 23824

Prom invitations will be sent to your school email. You do not need the invitation to get into prom; however, you do need to sign up below with your class.

  • Juniors will each receive 1 parking pass for themselves on Tuesday, April 19th 

  • Seniors will receive 2 passes each 1 for them and 1 for parents on Tuesday, April 19th 

  •  No one will be considered as a guest below 9th grade or over age 20.

  • If bringing a guest, you must fill out a detailed guest slip before the prom and wait for approval. (Get this from the office)

  • WE DECORATE ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON April 22nd until late that evening  (You will use the same parking pass issued for prom night)

    The OFFICIAL prom hours are 8:00 to 11:30.

 Grand March begins at 7:30 and ends at 8:15 (Seniors try to arrive by 7:15) Seniors will be introduced using the names they provide in the signup linked below.

 Decorations may be viewed by your family from 6:30 to 7:15 pm on prom night.  Please share this with your family members.

  • For the most part, students have dressed great! Please be tasteful in the selection of your prom attire. (Khakis, dress shirts and dress pants can be worn in place of tuxedos - Party dresses, pant suits can be worn in place of formal gowns. 

  • There are so many options! Currently there is not a dress code in place, but please be tasteful in your selections or there will be one imposed. 

  •  Food- party food, soft drinks, chocolate fountain, and two meat options will be available,     especially for those of you that don't choose to go out to eat beforehand

  • All PICTURES ARE FREE!!!!!! An Instant Photo Booth will also be in the food area for you and your friends!

  • You will also receive a 5 x 7 formal prom picture and 4 wallets to everyone that attends

  (of course you are responsible for having the picture taken upstairs)

After Prom info will be mailed and/or delivered to you at school. You must fill out the form and sign up in order to attend. Signing up ensures your admittance and that they have enough food and prizes! The event is held at the Lunenburg Country Club in Kenbridge. You must get to the door before 1:00 am or you will not be allowed to stay.