VDOE Family Literacy Night

Tuesday, August 31, the VDOE will offer a (Virtual) Family Literacy Night -- Choosing Reading Materials for the Children in your Lives: Join members of the Virginia State Literacy Association for a session that will provide ideas for families and community members about selecting and sharing books with children.

We will share ideas and provide guidance about what to look for when choosing reading materials for the children in their lives. We will not only explore printed books, but also discuss using audiobooks, e-books, and other online reading materials.

Participants will be provided with information about where to find reading materials for children and ideas for making connections with those materials.

Numerous sessions will be offered during the 6-9 p.m. time period.  All sessions will be live-streamed on the video graphic VDOE YouTube channel.

Session information and registration links can be found at the link below: