VFW Teachers of the Year

We would like to congratulate our VFW Teachers of the Year at each of our schools in Lunenburg County. These teachers are nominated for the Smart/Maher VFW National Citizenship Education Teacher Award.  They are recognized for their efforts in education that go above and beyond what is expected.  The VFW Teachers of the Year are Will Thomas – CHS, Laurie Malone – LMS, Tom Hoefer – KES, and Naomi Jeter – VES.

Will Thomas teaches History and Weightlifting at Central High School.  He also is the Head Football Coach. Coach Thomas has gone above and beyond to help not only his students, but also his coworkers. When another teacher was out for an extended period of time, Coach Thomas jumped in and created all of that teacher’s modules on Canvas.  He works with his weightlifting students, helping them to keep their grades up in other classes as well as getting them out of the house to interact with their peers.  Coach Thomas makes an impact both on and off the field. His players look up to him.  He expects the best of the them at all times, even after they graduate.  Thomas works hard to provide a good background of not only education, but life skills to his classes as well as other students within the school. 

Laurie Malone teaches English at Lunenburg Middle School.  She fosters and develops democratic values and beliefs in her students through her lesson plans and instruction.  She models these attributes as a teacher and a team leader.  She has found ways to incorporate citizenship into her lessons in various ways, and she has continuously supported the Patriots Pen Essay Contest.  She is a model citizen who leads by example.  She is well respected by her colleagues and administration.  Mrs. Malone is always concerned about making decisions that provide the best opportunities for students to be successful.  She has been a true asset to Lunenburg Middle School. 

Tom Hoefer is a Special Education Teacher at Kenbridge Elementary School.  Tom retired from the Marine Corps as Chief Warrant Officer. He instills a drive within students to always apply themselves and take charge of their education.  He has taught in Lunenburg County for the past 13 years and also coached the Central High School Golf Team through several successful seasons.  Tom adds a festive ambiance to our school and has no inhibitions about wearing a kilt, win, or other costume to promote positive interactions with all of the students.  Tom exudes a “can do” attitude.  He shows up to work early and leaves late, as needed.  Tom enjoys traveling and has been to many places in his career with the Marine Corps.  Many students benefit from hearing about Tom’s exploits to places like Russia, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, Mexico and Germany. 

Naomi Jeter is a First Grade Teacher at Victoria Elementary School.  Mrs. Jeter is a knowledgeable, innovative, and caring teacher.  Her enthusiasm for teaching is contagious.  She has high expectations for all students to perform academically and to behave using good manners and adhering to the school code of conduct.  She is a confident, trustworthy, and committed school leader. She leads the school VTSS (Virginia Tiered Systems of Supports) committed that is designed to support and improve school climate for students, parents, and teachers.  She and her students salute the flag and recite the Pledge of Allegiance each morning.  She organizes a service-based field trip each year to the Mini Economy and Market Day at VCU which is designed to give student the opportunity to create and sell products and services using Market Day currency.  She is an active member of the community and her church.

We congratulate all of our VFW Teachers of the Year, and thank them for the excellent job they are doing to educate our students and make a difference in their lives.