Malone and Clark

Congratulations to Sherry Clark and Laurie Malone for becoming a Co-Teaching Demonstration Site for Lunenburg Middle School. Along with Cumberland County and Prince Edward County, Lunenburg County (LMS) was chosen to participate in the Excellence in Co-Teaching Initiative for the 2020-2021 school year. This is the first time Region 8 has had representatives for this initiative. The  Excellence in Co-Teaching Initiative is designed to increase the participation of students with disabilities in the general education classroom and provide effective instruction to give students access to the general curriculum.

Teams were sought that share responsibility for the achievement of all students in the general education classroom, facilitate the implementation of inclusive and research-based practices through active co-teaching, co-planning, and co-assessing. Mrs. Malone and Mrs. Clark will assist in enhancing current co-teaching practices by hosting other teams (Lunenburg and state-wide) in their classrooms and modeling best practices during these on-site visits. They may also share resources and engage in mentoring with visitors.