Senior Ads for Yearbook

Senior Parents----If anyone has not already gotten a senior ad in the yearbook for this year and still would like to do so, we have additional space for these senior tributes. All we need are any pictures you would like to use or if you want to use their senior pictures we have those, and what you would like the ad to say. We can design the ads or if you have a specific way you want it to look, you may also send that. Above is a picture of some past senior ads. It has 1/2 page and 1/4 page ads on them. With the loss of some of the events this year we will have additional space for extra tribute ads.

Ad prices are:
1/4 page is $25
1/2 page is $40
full page is $75

If you would like an ad, you can mail in a check to the Central High School office at 131 KV Road Victoria Va, 23974, and make the check to CHS Yearbook. You may also email Brian Nowlin with any other questions you may have at

Please try to have any ads in by May 4!